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Meet Our Board


President: Amer Khan

Amer is a fourth-year student studying biology at the University of Southern California. He has researched the effects of HIV in relation to cardiovascular diseases, such as aortic aneurysms and atherosclerosis. Amer intends to pursue an M.D. after graduating from USC and would like to further educate the public on disease prevention through his research. When he's not studying, Amer likes playing basketball, going to the gym, and traveling around the globe.



Fatima Qureshi

Fatima is a third-year Neuroscience student interested pursuing a career in medicine. She is currently a volunteer at the USC Keck Norris Cancer center and has devoted her summers to working with kids with autism spectrum and other behavioral disorders. Fatima is very interested in the application of artificial intelligence to improving healthcare services for society. During her free time, she enjoys biking, reading, and traveling to new places.

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